Microsoft's purchase of ZeniMax clears final obstacle

European Commission gives approval of acquisition

Microsoft’s purchase of ZeniMax Media and its subsidiaries has passed its final obstacle as the European Commission approved of the acquisition. Due to the antitrust regulations from the United States and European Union, the acquisition may have been prevented. The U.S Securities and Exchange Commission approved the purchase on March 5, 2021.

News broke last September of the $7.5 billion purchase that caused shockwaves throughout the industry. ZeniMax’s most notable subsidiary, Bethesda Game Studios (of Elder Scrolls and Fallout fame) was the source of rampant speculation on its future corporate structure and new releases.

What is known is that all future Bethesda releases will be available on Xbox Game Pass free of charge. The upcoming Ghostwire: Tokyo is unaffected due its one-year exclusivity deal with Sony in which Microsoft will honour. What remains unknown is whether future releases are going to be Xbox exclusive.

Microsoft is planning a video presentation to clarify its relationship with Bethesda soon.