Metro Exodus PC Enhanced Edition Announcement

Gonna a need A LOT of GPU power

Metro Exodus now has powerful PC upgrade.

4A Games has announced that on May 6, 2021, the launch of Metro Exodus PC Enhanced Edition will be made available for players. The enhanced version will utilise the power of Ray Tracing-capable GPUs and is free to owners of the original release via Epic Games Store, Steam, Good Old Games and Microsoft Store.

The upgrade is described by 4A Games as being so extensive, that a Ray Tracing capable GPU as needed for the minimum spec, and is an entirely separate product. The developer notes that the upgrade is no simple patch, and can only run on Ray Tracing capable hardware. The FAQ is available here.

The install size is comprised of: Base Game (72.2GB), The Two Colonels (1GB), Sam’s Story (6.4GB) for a total of 80GB.

For of those you who do not own a Ray Tracing capable PC, the next generation console versions of Mass Exodus will arrive on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S sometime later this year.