MetaHuman Creator Early Access Out Now

Epic and Unreal unleash the industry changing software

Epic Games has released an early access version of their incredible MetaHuman engine upgrade. To put it simply, MetaHuman will allow game developers to create industry leading character models in a fraction of the time it normally takes.

MetaHuman works by using a library of real human scans which can be mixed together on the fly to create uncanny digital character models. When placing textures such as wrinkles on the skin, MetaHuman will adjust the geometry of the face to match the texture. Models are fully rigged with animations which can then be viewed in real time to give creators a true sense of the model's personality. Multiple levels of details are also available meaning developers could scale down models if they were to be used to large crowds or on lower end devices.

What's perhaps most exciting about MetaHuman is it gives this power - which is normally reserved to top level studios with budgets to match - to anyone with Unreal Engine, meaning Indie developers across the world will be able to create incredible character models.

It's a lot to take in, however there is no doubt this is industry changing software. Are you as flabbergasted as us by this early access preview? Share your thought on MetaHuman in the comments below.