Mass Effect Legendary Edition upgrades to gameplay detailed

Rebalancing, tuning and mechanical adjustments

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Upgrades

EA has taken to the PlayStation Blog to reveal a mouth-watering list of improvements players can except when the remaster to one of the most celebrated sci-fi franchises - Mass Effect Legendary Edition arrives on May 14.

The biggest changes by far have come to the original Mass Effect, with obvious efforts to bring the game more in-line with its sequel counterparts. Accuracy has been tuned across all weapons (including when using ADS), and abilities have been rebalanced to ensure the gameplay is tight and responsive. Shepard can now also sprint out of combat, and squadmates can now be issued individual commands. The vehicle from the first game - The Mako - has also had its functionally revised, with improved handling, camera controls, new thrusters and shields that recharge faster.

Technical upgrades to the follow-up games have mostly been focused on fixing bugs and rebalancing the core experience, so players won't find themselves in difficult or near impossible positions because of poor path choices. The character creator has also had a huge facelift - unifying it across all three games and adding additional skin tones and hairstyles, allowing your Shepard to be consistent across the entire trilogy.

A few extra upgrades include a unified launcher for all three games, trophies/achievements have been updated, audio has been remixed and enhanced and weapon and armour DLC packs are now integrated naturally into the game. You can view the full list of improvements here, and you can watch the remaster in action courtesy of IGN here.

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