Marvel's Midnight Suns Gameplay Reveal

Uses a card based system

Marvel's Midnight Suns uses a card based system for gameplay

Marvel's Midnight Suns has had its gameplay footage streamed earlier (courtesy of IGN).

The most noteworthy part of the stream showed cards being positioned on the bottom of the UI screen, with details provided in how the cards contain abilities for heroes to be upgraded, and combined with other heroes’ moves.

The card system had raised concerns regarding microtransactions amongst gamers on Twitter. Below is the response from the developers:

"Hey folks, regarding our battle card system, there are no loot boxes in Marvel's Midnight Suns or related microtransactions to get more cards (i.e. Gamma Coils). We will have purely cosmetic character skins for purchase that do not affect game balance in any way"

The game will arrive on March 2022 on for the PS4/5, Xbox Series X, Xbox One and PC (via Steam).

Listed below is a short version of the gameplay footage and the IGN full stream:

Short version of gameplay reveal

IGN Stream