Marvel's Avengers shows your IP address

Do not stream the game

Avengers game shows IP address in latest patch
SOURCE: Paul Tassi's (Forbes) own screenshot

For those of you who own a copy of the PS5 version of Marvel's Avengers and have installed the new patch, be aware that your IP address will be visible along with the date, time and your gamertag.

We highly recommended you do not stream this game. The last thing you'd want is to have outsiders messing with your internet connection and causing all sorts of damage. Your IP address should never be publicly revealed.

Crystal Dynamics has tweeted the following regarding the situation:

"We are currently testing a solution to the issue of personal information, including the player's IP address and username, being displayed on screen on PS5 and plan to deploy a hotfix tomorrow at around 8AM PT". (1AM AEST).

This game certainly has not won the support of the public so far.