Mario Golf: Super Rush Review Roundup

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Nintendo Switch's Mario Golf Super Rush - Review Roundup

Our review roundup for Mario Golf: Super Rush is up and we find most critics enjoy the core gameplay mechanics the Switch title offers. The overall rating on Metacritic is at 75/100, with 47 reviews. While on OpenCritic, the game averages at 74 with 57% recommending the game.

Critics find Super Rush best delivers when it comes to the actual golfing as they discovered it to be highly satisfying in its accessible, yet challenging gameplay. Unsurprisingly, nearly all reviewers state the game is even more enjoyable when playing with friends in multiplayer. The visuals of the characters and courses were also given top marks.

Where critics found flaws was the game's barebones gameplay modes, and their failure to be realised at their full potential. Many felt corners were cut and Super Rush should have delivered more content for its price.

Overall, critics found the game to be a decent addition to the Mario Golf series, but it should have offered more.