Lets Build a Zoo Reveal Trailer

Management sim at its prettiest

Singapore indie studio Springloaded have revealed their latest title Lets Build a Zoo.

The title looks like a classic management sim game, however Springloaded do have a few exciting points of different for their zoo. Namely, players will be able to cross-breed animals using DNA splicing technology! Over 300,000 different types of animal can be 'stitched together' to create ungodly creatures.

The title will also feature all the standard management sim features such as hiring staff, designing the park and dealing with budgets. There even is a morality system to explore.

Currently, only the PC version has been announced, however we would be very surprised if the title doesn't make its way over to all major consoles shortly after.

Does this cute management game grab your attention? Let us know down below!

[SOURCE store.steampowered.com]