Is there something brewing between Xbox and Nintendo?

A few hints left by Phil Spencer

Xbox and Nintendo Collaboration

UPDATE: More possible hints have been left during a recent Xbox Keynote

In a recent podcast for GamesBeat, journalist and industry insider Jeff Grubb shed some light on rumours - that have been swirling for over two months now - regarding the Nintendo Switch that was spotted on Phil Spencer's shelf during the Head of Xbox's latest livestream.

Phil Spencer Shelf With Nintendo Switch

Now we know this might not sound like a big deal at first - Phil is known to be an avid gamer - but the executive does have a history of using his streaming backdrop to tease various surprises for keen Xbox fans, including the Xbox Series S which was on display months before the official reveal.

Coming back to the podcast with Grubb, the insider stated "pretty much everything" on Phil's shelves meant something, including the Nintendo Switch.

So what could this mean? Well of course this all remains speculation at this point, however possible collaborations seem endless - could iconic Xbox characters like Master Chief or Cuphead make their way to Smash Bros? Will we see Xbox Game Pass available on Switch? Would Microsoft be willing to let Nintendo develop a new Banjo-Kazooie title? We've seen the two manufactures collaborate before with masterful franchise Ori being ported over to Nintendo's handheld.

We don't want to get everyone's hopes up yet, but would you be excited for an Xbox X Nintendo crossover in some form? Let us know in the comments below.