Introducing the Scuf Reflex line

Third party PS5 controllers

Scuf controllers available for the PS5

Scuf has introduced their controller line for the PlayStation 5 - Reflex, Reflex Pro and Reflex FPS. They are first third party controllers for the system.

The Reflex controller adds a detachable set of rear control paddles, similar to those on the Xbox Elite Series 2, though they can be deactivated or reprogrammed with a small button on the back of the controller. Otherwise it looks and feels like the standard DualSense controller.

The Reflex and Reflex Pro retain the adaptive triggers of the DualSense, though the Reflex FPS replaces them for instant triggers that occur like a mouse button tap.

The thumbsticks and the surrounding faceplate trim are removable for customised options, while the controller colour selection will be limited to black at launch. Additional colours will include grey, white, orange, red and navy blue at the later time.

The Scuf controllers are now available.