Indie Trailer Roundup

Here are some fresh Indie trailers that have released this week!


Discover Nahucan, a world inhabited by masked beings. You're Itorah, the only human in this strange place. Explore, fight and survive as you save Nahucan from from a mysterious plague.


A new entry in the "MELTY BLOOD" series of 2D fighting games based on TYPE-MOON's visual novel "Tsukihime."

Boomerang X

Harness the power of a mystical boomerang to fling yourself through the air. Slice, fly, and blast through arenas swarming with evil creatures. Stay agile or meet your doom.


An action RPG set on the alien world of Revion Prime where you are the presumed last surviving member of a crew of astronauts kidnapped and brought to this strange planet. Exploration and adaptation are the primary weapons of survival.


PULSAR: Lost Colony is a cooperative starship simulator that takes you and your crew to the farthest corners of the universe on a mission to find the mysterious Lost Colony. It features a procedural galaxy generator so every journey will be unique and contain new challenges for you and your crew.


Quadrium returns with a compelling new story!

CLOUDSCAPE (Skip to 12:00 to actual start)

An action-adventure farm-life survival game for PC and console, with a Switch Physical Cart! Regrow not just your farm - but the world.


Crown is a dynamic game with great strategic depth in which you must learn how to quickly adapt your strategy to your opponents in order to taste victory! In the world of Crown, you must thrive in Valentia by combining characters freely from five different factions in each game, thus creating your team and adapting it to your opponent's selections in real-time.


Rift World Is a hardcore FPS game full of action-fueled magical encounters set in a surreal parallel world.


Pocket Fish is going to Kickstarter! Announcing the pre-launch stage of the campaign! Note: website not up yet.

Indie Trailer Roundup late June