Indie Trailer Round Up

Here are some fresh Indie trailers that have released this week!

Ships 2022 - PlayStation, Switch, Xbox & PC

Ships 22 is a combination of an economic strategy and a ship control simulator. Manage and upgrade your port, recruit a crew, carry out your mission and enjoy your sea adventures!

Payloaders - PC

Payloaders is a 4-player cooperative twin-stick shooter set in an alternative spaghetti western sci-fi era where you escort and protect an alien creature through branching and winding cave systems consisting of varying levels of verticality, rivers of lava, and swarms of massive, hungry insects.

Cross Blitz - PC & Mobile

Cross Blitz is an exciting turn-based RPG card battler set in a wondrous world teeming with vibrant characters and fierce battles. Explore Cross Dawn Isle and uncover its secrets as you level up, craft new cards, build the perfect deck and battle your way to victory!

0 Degrees - PlayStation, Switch, Xbox & PC

A snow-covered wonderland of platforming action awaits in 0 Degrees, a chill puzzle experience for players of any age or skill level! Take control of a bundled-up pixel art climber as they make their way across icefields, up frosted peaks, through dark caves and over treacherous pitfalls! Help them survive mysterious hazards and overcome brain-teasing obstacles that span 40 unique levels.

Rustler (console release) - PlayStation, Switch & Xbox

Become a medieval thug in a crazy open-world action game, full of pop-culture references. Complete insane quests, kill heroes, steal horses, fight guards, rob peasants, listen to some bard music, and much more! All packed in old-school gameplay style!

Interplanetary - PC

Mow the lawn, survive harsh climates on alien planets, and use your credits to upgrade high-tech equipment. Become the best interplanetary gardener!

Unexplored 2 - Xbox & PC

Unexplored 2: The Wayfarer’s Legacy is a challenging roguelite RPG, with a table-top 'feel', a node-based open world & cool twist on permadeath.

Chess Knights: Shinobi (console release) - PlayStation, Switch & Xbox

Chess Knights: Shinobi is an original turn-based puzzle game inspired by Chess. Become a Ninja in feudal Japan and prove your skills in the art of infiltration, sabotage and assassination.

TinShift - PC

Delve into the world of the future, where everyone is out for himself in the humans vs robots stand-off. Pick a traceur, loot an awesome gun, and beat damn machines. Or choose a robot and use his unique skills to get back at those humans for your Boston brothers.

Will Walker - PC

Will Walker is a frenetic shooter set in a cyberpunk metropolis. Fight to overthrow crime by mastering the mysteries of time.

Bean and Nothingness - PC

Transform beans into monsters -- and monsters back into beans. Sometimes they will help you, and sometimes they will get in your way! Explore the behavior of eight different monsters -- and a range of other interesting mechanics -- across more than 180 challenging, hand-crafted puzzles.

Dark Swords - PC

This is the release anounce of new version of Dark Swords, with five complete levels. Stay tuned for the final version to be launched soon.

The Backrooms - PC

Having been trapped in the backrooms for a considerable amount of time, you have slowly started going insane from the hunger and anxiety. No matter what you ate. The hunger never subsided. At least that was the case, until you had eaten your first human meal.

Lacuna - PC

A murder. A hack. A bombing. All it takes to plunge the solar system into war – unless you do something about it. Help CDI agent Neil Conrad make a string of increasingly difficult decisions in this modern dialog-driven adventure set in a gorgeous 2D sci-fi noir universe.

Grapple Dog - PC

Jump, Swing and Zip your way through colourful worlds and exciting challenges in this unique 2D action-platformer! Master the power of the Grapple on your adventure to save the world!