Indie smash hit The Binding of Isaac receives final release 'Repentance'

"Bigger than any sequel"

Developer Nicalis has released the definitive version of their flagship title The Binding of Isaac: Repentance for PC. The game caught the word's attention when it released in 2011 and hasn't shifted from many top indie game lists since.

In this final release, Isaac will venture into unexplored depths and face off against 25 new bosses, 100+ new enemies, ten new challenges, two new playable characters and more than 5,000 new environmental designs. Over 130 new items have also been added, as well as new weapon combos, four play co-op and a complete alternative path with new chapters. Nicalis has branded the release as "bigger than any sequel".

PS4/5, Xbox Series X/S and Nintendo Switch versions are due Q3 2021.