Horizon Forbidden West Gameplay

Aloy debuts her triumphant return

The day many PlayStation fans have been waiting for finally here! Sony has debuted Horizon Forbidden West gameplay on the PlayStation 5. Unfortunately no release window was given.

Throughout the reveal we are shown:

  • raiders (humans) riding machines

  • Erand from the first game

  • underwater gameplay (including some gnarly looking crocodiles)

  • some awesome looking melee combat (with a mixture of combos and archery play of course!)

  • a cool glider for Aloy to deploy (Shield Wing)

  • some machine mount use by Aloy

  • a mammoth elephant machine (that has some really neat physics destruction)

  • the Focus Scanner will allow Aloy to quickly highlight climbable spots while the Pull Cast will facilitate grappling

  • plenty of red grass

Horizon Zero Dawn will launch on both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.