Hoods: Outlaws & Legends Launch Trailer

Let the battle begin

After spending multiple weeks in beta, the new multiplayer title Hoods: Outlaws & Legends is ready for its full release.

For those unaware, Hoods is an intense PvPvE (Player vs Players vs Environment) game that pits teams of 4 players against each other in efforts to steal a key, find the vault/chest and then escape with the treasure.

The game highlights its stealth gameplay elements, however being difficult to balance in a multiplayer title, it often falls short in this regard. Overall, reception during the closed beta has been mixed - with the consensus being that with some balancing and slight adjustments to core systems, the game could really shine. Combat is simple but effective, and British developers Sumo Digital have included 5 maps, which seems decent enough to start.

Hoods: Outlaws & Legends is out now on PlayStation, Xbox and PC.

[SOURCE youtube.com]