Hollow Knight has received an update on PC

Support continues for Australia's sweetheart

Hollow Knight has received an update on PC

In some surprising news, Team Cherry have today pushed out an update for the PC version Hollow Knight.

While the team is certainly full steam ahead on the follow-up Silksong, its likely this update is simply copying over AI changes/fixes that they have improved or learnt upon while working on the sequel.

Sadly we'll all have to wait a little longer for more official news from the Adelaide team regarding Silksong, after they announced last month not to expect any news this year.

Full patch notes for the update v1.5.68.11808 are below:

- Added "Borderless" option to fullscreen in video options

- 64-bit is now required (For players with 32-bit computers the previous version ( can still be accessed as a beta)

- Vulkan is now the default graphics API for Linux

- Enabled controller rumble (only supported for certain configurations, e.g. Xbox One controller on Windows)

- Hopefully less hitching, and less memory usage on startup (enabled incremental GC, removed heap size increase method)

- Reduced screen tearing during screen shakes

- Fixed uncollected Grubfather rewards being miss-able

- Fixed the Soul Tyrant battle in pantheons getting stuck after being defeated sometimes

- Fixed death loop if moving too high during Absolute Radiance phase 2

- Fixed Elderbug's Greenpath hint dialogue

- Grimm chest reward is now left on the ground if you banish him without collecting it

- Fixed issues with binding mouse buttons

- Fixed multi damage sometimes taking too much health with lifeblood

- Fixed Absolute Radiance music change triggering too early if moving too high in phase 2

- Fixed Glowing Womb charm becoming inaccessible

- Sideways dash is now preferred when Dashmaster is equipped (less accidental down dashing!)

- Fixed issue where Watcher Knight's back roll was not happening

- Crystal Guardian will now wake up when damaged by area attacks (Spore Shroom, etc)

- Fixed damage inconsistency with area attacks on Radiance, Absolute Radiance, and Pure Vessel

- Fixed settings changed in pause menu being reset when quitting to menu

- Fixed damage sometimes not being applied correctly to Nail Arts when using the Fury of the Fallen charm

- Fixed dialogue box getting stuck when talking to Cloth in Queen's Gardens

- Fixed issue where closing the brightness menu in-game would in some cases restart the game

- Various minor map fixes

- Various minor translation fixes

- Other minor fixes

[SOURCE steamcommunity.com]