Head of Ubisoft Massive steps down

Will return in a 'strategic role'

Ubisoft's Massive managing director steps down

Head of Ubisoft’s Massive studio Managing Director David Polfeldt will be departing his role on July 1, 2021.

Polfeldt, a 16 year veteran of the studio felt “ready for a new challenge” and will take a six month sabbatical before assuming a ‘strategic role’ for Ubisoft.

A successor has been appointed with details being shared at a later date.

Massive is one of Ubisoft’s largest studios and is located in Malmo, Sweden. Currently the studio is working on major Disney IPs such as Star Wars and Avatar.

Whoever takes the new role will their work cut out for them with the aforementioned Disney IPs considering the pressure involved.

[SOURCE: axios.com]