Halo Infinite multiplayer overview

How will going free-to-play look for Halo?

Developer 343 Industries dropped a bombshell at the Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase by announcing the multiplayer portion of Halo Infinite will be completely free at launch.

The news evidently lead to many pundits expressing concerns and worry over the title's direction, with many asking how the studio will continue to support the game without it cascading into microtransaction fuelled gameplay.

The recent multiplayer overview above is attempting to smooth over doubts in the community by laying out 343's plans. There will for instance be no loot boxes in the game, instead players will have a clear indication of exactly how they can unlock customisation content, and while a season pass will be included, they won't expire from season to season like most.

Only time will tell if the studio truly understands the weight of tackling a new Halo multiplayer experience and how to bring in to today's audiences.

Halo Infinite multiplayer overview

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