Halo Infinite allegedly in development under poor 'crunch' conditions

Former 343 employee speaks out

Halo Infinite allegedly in development under poor 'crunch' condition

According to a translation from Reset Era user random0_point many employees at 343 Industries have "experienced working overtime until the early hours of the morning in the past few years" in efforts to deliver on the managements goals for Halo Infinite.

As the original video of the allegations is in Mandarin, it's hard to verify - however industry leading journalist Jason Schreier has confirmed he has already been working on a "story" about conditions at the American studio.

The former employee has stated the studio's executives were "overly ambitious" and that they had to "make the game and develop the engine at the same time". He goes on to state that the low levels employees at 343 "work very hard" to reach the expectations set by management.

It's always heartbreaking when you hear these horror stories from developers. While we all love to play video games, employee's happiness and well-being should never be taken as anything else but paramount.

Halo Infinite has no solid release date, and hopefully with this news it can be delayed to give employees the necessary time they need.

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