Hades looks to be heading to PlayStation

Title gets rated for release in Korea

Hades looks to be heading to PlayStation

Multiple Game of the Year recipient Hades has been rated for a PlayStation release in Korea!

The phenomenal roguelike action dungeon-crawler was originally part of a console exclusivity deal with Nintendo, however it now seems the duration of that deal has elapsed, and San Francisco developer Supergiant are free to get the game in as many hands as possible.

Hades is frequently penned as a 'roguelike for people who don't like rougelikes' - due to its generous progression with Darkness system and narrative beats. There is also an optional 'god mode' which grants 20% damage resistance and rises by 2% every time a run ends in defeat.

For now, we'll have to wait for more concrete news on an expected release date.

Unfortunately for Xbox fans, Supergiant does not have a strong history of porting their games to Microsoft's console (Bastion launched on Xbox, however Transistor or Pyre where only ported to PlayStation), of course with the incredible success Hades received we wouldn't count an Xbox port out just yet.

[SOURCE resetera.com]