Gran Turismo Sophy: The New A.I

Also new GT Sport/GT7 data transfer update

New Gran Turismo A.I announced

Big news making drifts in the world of Gran Turismo with the announcement of Gran Turismo Sophy, a newly built artificial intelligence has been co-developed by Sony AI, Polyphony Digital and cloud gaming team at Sony Interactive Entertainment.

The Sophy AI has been trained by using Gran Turismo Sport and after a few months proved capable of besting the top GT players worldwide as it the best lap time and won all races against its human opponents.

Sony states Sophy differs from AI seen in chess, shoji and RTS games, as it learns simulated physics, physical realism, realtime race tactics and sports etiquette. For a long time, ‘dumb’ AI has been an ongoing criticism of the GT series, with Sony seemingly now looking to address it. Sophy will not be debuting at Gran Turismo 7’s launch, but will be integrated into future releases, states the COO of Sony AI Michael Spranger.

Speaking of integration, Polyphony Digital has given an update that beginning February 25, data from Gran Turismo Sport can be transferred to be ready for GT7’s launch on March 4.

Transferred player data will consist of Driver Rating, Sportsmanship Rating, Liveries and Decals. However cars, bank balance, scapes, race photos and replays will not be transferred. Ratings, Liveries, and Decal content that is set to be transferred to GT7 can still be used in Gran Turismo Sport after February 15.