GNA's Most Anticipated 2022 titles

Each member selects their #1 game to play!

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Happy New Year! To kick off 2022, each GNA team member has revealed their pick for the one game they are most excited about this year! GNA knows this year is absolutely stacked with incredible titles, ranging from tentpole AAA franchises to indie developed releases. One must wonder how gamers are gonna keep their wallets from going empty and actually finding the time to play them all!

Many industry news outlets do this topic annually, so we've decided to join the fun and share our thoughts on why the following titles are of great interest to us. The team members did not discuss which game they would pick beforehand and simply submitted their choices to the website. Some members share similar taste, other have their own unique flavour.

We hope you enjoy reading our thoughts and find interest in playing one of these titles! Read on and share your most anticipated 2022 game below, on our Facebook or Instagram pages!

Our list goes by our team member's first name in alphabetical order.

Ben Brown - SEA OF STARS

sea of stars
Sea of Stars

If you haven’t played The Messenger, go play it now. With that out of the way, focus can shift to French indie group Sabotage Studios follow-up-prequel Sea of Stars. It’s difficult to hype up a game when the promotional teaser content looks as stunning as it does for Sabotages next project.

What we know so far is Sea of Stars is set to take players on a multilayered, narrative driven journey alongside the two Children of the Solstice, as they combine the powers of the sun and moon. Players will explore a rich interactive world (sailing, cooking, fishing and taverns are confirmed so far) with unshackled traversal (swim, climb, vault, jump off or hoist up ledges). Engaging turn-based combat with a timed hit/deflect feature, along with multi-character combo attacks, boosting, and a strategic "locks" system.

Inspired by classics of the past, Sea of Stars is on a mission to deliver a best in class experience for retro game lovers. Let’s just hope The Shopkeeper makes another appearance eh?

Ben Brown’s Quick Honourable Mention - PLANET COASTER 2

Planet Coaster 2
Could it be?

I had to add this mention as the last two months has seen me totally obsessed with Planet Coaster on PS5. With Frontiers latest release Jurassic Park Evolution 2 now out, many fans have turned their attention to a Planet Coaster sequel. Most excitingly, reliable leaks earlier this year (which successfully predicted all of Frontiers upcoming projects) point towards early negotiations with Disney for a licensing deal for the sequel.

Of course this is to be taken with a grain of salt (especially considering Disney’s track record of external licensing) but even the slight chance of this happening is giving the Planet Coaster community something to look forward to.

Ben 'Qualbert' Schuster - TRIANGLE STRATEGY

Triangle Strategy
Triangle Strategy

Strategy games come in all shapes and sizes: real-time, turn-based, tower defense, and of course, Triangle!

The latest entry in the HD-2D series which rocketed to critical acclaim following the release of Octopath Traveler, Triangle Strategy seeks to be the spiritual successor to two legendary Square Enix tactics series: Final Fantasy Tactics and Tactics Ogre. Combining stunning 2D/3D sprite visuals with complex grid-based combat, players assume the role of a tactician amid a blood-soaked war for scarce natural resources.

Cast your vote on the Scales of Conviction to decide the fate of your kin and country, and engage in gripping tactical warfare! Fans of video game/anime soundtracks will be delighted by the game’s score, an epic orchestral suite from composer, Akira Senju, who is responsible for the brilliant music for Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. All these reasons and more is why Triangle Strategy is my most anticipated game of 2022.


God of War: Ragnarok cinematic
One of the big AAA releases: God of War Ragnarok

Remember when God of War was first revealed back at E3 2016? From the moment the trailer began you could tell that this game was going to be something special. When the game was finally released for the PS4 in 2018, I couldn’t believe how incredible an experience it was.

From its heart-pounding gameplay, engrossing sound design and a father and son story that hit me way harder than I could have expected, God of War was a triumph that I’ve not stopped thinking about since.

Now, in 2022, God of War: Ragnarok is imminent and I couldn’t be happier. Not knowing what new worlds will be explored or what gods and monsters we’ll fight along the way are extremely exciting. I simply can’t wait to see where Santa Monica Studios takes Kratos and Atreus next.


Horizon Forbidden West gameplay
Aloy on a new adventure

Following the epic chapter of the red-headed female archery warrior, Aloy, Horizon Forbidden West will explore the robot-dino infested version of Earth. As the title suggests, this time around a new mysterious threat requires you to venture into the desertous unknown, encountering new machines, weapons, and allies along the way.

So far, we know that an expansive world awaits with bigger and more terrifying machines. We can expect to reunite with old friends, forge alliances and uncover the secrets of a past that led to a robotic savaged world. I’m ready to gear up for this new luscious frontier - bow in hand and loyal engineered steed rearing to go!

Nathan Fischer - DYING LIGHT 2

Dying light 2
Dying Light 2

After parkouring my way around the streets of Harran while constructing some of the craziest concoctions of weaponry to fend off the infected zombie hoards, I’m keen to pick up where Kyle Cranes saga ended 20 years on and take up the role of Aiden Caldwell. I’ve been avoiding watching too much trailer wise, but what I have seen, it looks clean. The parkour system was quite forgiving and smart for its time on the original so I can only imagine things are looking... Or climbing... up on DL2. The map now being 4 times bigger will make the added grapple hook a traversal skill worth having. Also the removal of most firearms will make the focus on melee weapon building being fun and accessible a big task for the developers, but with how the managed the last game, I have faith. I’m also super keen on the UV lit collectors edition. It looks awesome! Looking forward to Zombie Parkour Hero Simulator 2022 very much!


Triangle Strategy
Triangle Strategy

Square Enix is renowned for Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, Kingdom Hearts, and Life is Strange. A quick glance at these games depicts aesthetic character designs in detailed backdrops that enrich their world-building storytelling. These features remain in its latest addition Triangle Strategy. This game is also described as tactical which is no surprise as the development team is led by the producer behind Octopath and Bravely Default. The combat style is reminiscent of Fire Emblem – turn-based whilst calculating your battle strategies dependent on the terrains, character positions, and fighting classes.

Outside of battle, Triangle Strategy unveils its story through the player exploring the land as the young warrior Serenoa. The player makes decisions that not only influence who will be allies but also shape the trajectory of Serenoa’s journey.

Taking place in the fantastical continent of Norzelia, Triangle Strategy is a game that appeals to fans of the tactical JRPG genre: rich narratives with political intrigue; an array of recruitable characters; combat strategies involving the battleground’s landscape; and player agency in determining the future of the nation. These elements are everything I love in a game which is why I cannot wait for the release of Triangle Strategy, scheduled on March 4. In the meantime, I will ante up the hype through the demo, which is available now.

Toni Pankaluic - GOD OF WAR: RAGNAROK

A gripping tale of father and son overcoming the odds, 2018's God of War (technically God of War IV) was a complete reinvention of the saga in both story and gameplay. More mature and more subdued. Not only are these accurate term descriptions of the game itself, but also reflect the change in characterisation of the wiser, bearded Kratos. Gone are the days of over-the-top, hack' n slash violence committed by a revenge engulfed Ghost of Sparta.

God of War Ragnarok gameplay
Kratos doing what he does best: Fight!

Ragnarok will bring the series' Norse era to a close, in turn becoming a duology that subverts the prevailing expectation (from fans) that it would be a trilogy. No filler second instalment and cutting straight to the story's resolution proves even more intriguing. Santa Monica's 2018 release had such a strong "Baldur solid" foundation in its game design and mechanics, all the upcoming GOW really needs to improve upon is the boss fights making them less 'copy and pasted' troll monsters.

By continuing the brilliant Dark Souls/The Last of Us hybrid-styled gameplay and mature storytelling established by its predecessor, God of War: Ragnarok can't come quick enough!

So there you have it our picks for 2022! Hope you enjoyed the article!