Fracked PS VR Gameplay

Exclusive to Sony's headset

UK developer nDreams is ready to show off its PS VR exclusive title Fracked.

From the trailer we can get confirmation that Fracked will offer full controlled locomotion - there won't be anything teleporting or on-rails mobility here. It appears there will also be plenty of set-piece moments such as surviving an elevator collapse or escaping into a moving helicopter.

According to the game's website, 'you play as a reluctant hero forced into a final stand between the planet and a legion of interdimensional enemies. Take aim and run head-first into the action as you shoot, ski, and climb your way across an extreme adventure. Uncompromised, audacious, and stylish, Fracked grabs PS VR by the Moves and delivers an ass kicking VR game enhanced for PS5™'.

All seems pretty impressive to us, and one to definitely keep a virtual eye on.