Forza Horizon 5 in Mexico?

Insiders are providing not-so-cryptic hints

Mexican Forza Horizon rumoured

Rumours have been floating around in anticipation for Forza Horizon 5, most believing the series is heading to Japan. The latest insider info indicates developer Playground Games has different plans.

First WindowsCentral’s Jez Corden commented on his desire to visit Mexico, with an emoji of a car attached. Replying to the tweet Venturebeat’s Jeff Grubb wroteI'm doing my Duolingo Spanish lessons as well.el coche va vroom”.

On the most recent edition of Iron Lords Podcast, when questioned about Corden’s tweet, Grubb responded with:

"Let's start with the Forza and the Mexican flag -- I wonder that means? The rumor was always Japan, I got some fake screenshots a long time ago, and it turned out that wasn't real. And then Jez is "I'm going to Mexico with may car!" and immediately a couple sources are "Ohhh, I wonder why Jez is saying that?" So, yeah, it's in Mexico. Yeah".

Although this is not official confirmation, Grubb has been accurate in the past for many of his leaks. With Corden in the mix, only adds fuel to the speculation.

Does a Mexican Forza Horizon sound exciting?

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