Firewalk Studios developing new AAA multiplayer game for Sony

Partnership created for an upcoming original game

Sony and Firehawk studio announce publishing deal.

Firewalk Studios has announced a publishing partnership with Sony Interactive Entertainment for a new, original multiplayer game. Founded in 2018, the studio falls under the ProbablyMonsters parent company. Other than this announcement, we have no further details on the game itself.

Firewalk’s core leadership team has extensive experience in multiplayer releases. Game Director Ryan Ellis, previously worked on Destiny as a Creative Director. Executive Producer Elena Siegman, served as a producer on Bioshock Infinite, Guitar Hero II, and a few Destiny titles. Studio Head Tony Hsu has worked on Destiny and Call of Duty games. Together the team has contributed in bringing the Mass Effect and Apex Legends franchise into fruition.

The next generation AAA studio places great importance on building a solid team that leads to a quality game. Combining that belief with ProbablyMonsters’ infrastructure and manpower, Firewalk says it creates a sustainable development culture.

Can anyone tell us what kind of multiplayer game you want from Firewalk Studios?