FF VII Remake Intergrade partially uses PS5 features

Game originally designed for PS4 capabilities

Announced during Sony’s State of Play stream on February 25, an enhanced version of Final Fantasy VII Remake was revealed. Now adding Intergrade to the games’ title, Square Enix also revealed that it would be exclusive to the PlayStation 5.

As such, questions rose as to whether Intergrade would utilise the PS5’s hardware features, such as DualSense haptics and 3D audio. Speaking with Famitsu Magazine, Intergrade’s director Tetsuya Nomura stated the game would only partially use the consoles’ features considering it was originally designed for the PlayStation 4.

Attributing the improved console power, Nomura highlighted that Intergrade will feature visual enhancements such as graphics, lighting and textures as well as environmental effects, an example being fog. Other improvements include shorter loading times, a new Photo Mode that allows screenshots (a feature included in Square’s Kingdom Hearts III: ReMind expansion), and a paid DLC episode which features a playable Yuffie Kisaragi.

Nomura hinted that the sequel would be built from ground up for PlayStation 5, allowing full use of its hardware features.

Final Fantasy VII Remake – Intergrade is set for release on June 10. Any PlayStation 4 owners are free to trade in physical copies or upgrade their digital copies as well as transferring save files when Intergrade is released.

[SOURCE: PlayStation Live Stream via Polygon]