Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade: Final Trailer

Will be a PS5 timed exclusive

Square Enix’s new trailer for Final Fantasy VII: Remake - Intergrade has been released.

Intergrade follows Yuffie Kisaragi and her ally Sonon Kusakable in a side tale that takes place in Midgar before the two eventually meet with Cloud. The trailer gives us a glimpse of new boss fights (including Scarlet), a new summon materia (an electric-summoning wizard Ramuh) and a mysterious man who wears a mask and has wings, named Nero.

The biggest change is seen with Fort Condor. Fans of the original Final Fantasy VII will recall Fort Condor being an optional section where your party could travel to and participate in it’s strategic minigame. Now Fort Condor has literally become mini in the form of a board game.

What is interesting is the trailer reveals Intergrade will be a timed exclusive for PS5 for least six months. Most likely Square Enix will release the game on Microsoft platforms afterwards.

Intergrade will release on June 10. PS4 owners can upgrade their copies either digitally or physically to PS5 versions free of charge.

Original Final Fantasy VII fans are you impressed with the changes?