Final Fantasy Origin PS5 exclusive?

Rumoured to be developed by Team Ninja

Final Fantasy PS5 game rumoured to be set in original 1987 game's universe

Team Ninja, developers of the Souls-like Nioh franchise, is reportedly working on an action RPG Final Fantasy spin-off – titled Final Fantasy Origin. Fanbyte suggests the game is a timed PlayStation 5 exclusive, and will get a PC release later down the track.

Final Fantasy Origin is said to be set in the universe of the original 1987 Final Fantasy game, hence the name. Team Ninja have previously been involved in the Final Fantasy series, developing the fighting game Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, will now be basing Origin’s gameplay on their own Nioh series.

This rumour suggests Final Fantasy Origin will be making its debut at E3 2021. So we will have to see if it is true.

Do you believe this rumoured game?

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