FIFA 21 and NHL 21 to join EA Play and Xbox Game Pass

Two massive additions to both libraries

FIFA 21 and NHL 21 join EA Play and Xbox Game Pass.

EA have announced NHL 21 and FIFA 21 will be added to EA Play – the company’s own gaming library subscription service. Below is a brief summary of the games’ new features.

NHL 21 (April release)

- Features an extended Be a Pro mode

- New moves, dekes, dangles and evasive manoeuvres

- Quicker and smarter gameplay improvements

- World of Chel now easier to connect with friends to win rewards

FIFA 21 (May release)

- Volta Squads and FIFA Ultimate Team Co-op

- Heightened gameplay realism

- New innovations in Career Mode

- Authentic feel of the sports’ tournaments and cups.

EA Play is available on PlayStation consoles, Xbox consoles and Steam. As we’ve covered the huge additions to Xbox Game Pass, now Game Pass' Ultimate subscribers have access to the big guns of EA’s sporting catalogue. EA and Microsoft announced a deal last November.

Hockey and football fans does this entice you to buy either gaming services? Sports fans will you consider getting Xbox Game Pass now?