FF VIIR Integrade: Redeem code required for Yuffie DLC

Confirmed on EB Games website

Yuffie DLC will avaliable as a redeem code only

According to EB Games, the physical copies of Final Fantasy VII: Remake - Intergrade will require you to redeem a one-off download code for the Episode Yuffie DLC.

On EB’s website, it states ‘the new episode, featuring Yuffie, will be a code supplied in the box’, basically confirming you’ll need an internet connection to download this content.

As we have noted in an earlier article, owners of Final Fantasy VII: Remake PS4 copies can upgrade to the PS5 version for free. Excludes PS Plus downloaded versions of VII: Remake.

No doubt, the DLC redeem code is going to spark some debate over ownership issues. What do you all think about redeem codes in general?

[SOURCE: ebgames.com.au]