FF VII Remake devs discuss Yuffie Kisaragi and Intergrade

Game's Co-Directors reveal more tidbits about the side episode

Co-Directors of Final Fantasy VII Remake Motomu Toriyama and Naoki Hamaguchi gave an interview revealing details about the expansion episode titled Intergrade as well as its lead – Yuffie Kisaragi.

The highly upbeat, opportunistic ninja makes her first appearance in the Final Fantasy VII Remake saga. Unlike in the original game where she was an optional companion, and often missable for most players, Yuffie takes centre stage as the playable protagonist of FFVIIR EPISODE INTERmission.

Yuffie will retain the same characteristics and motivation as seen in the original game, with Hamaguchi describing her as "a materialistic materia hunter, who’s not comfortable or proficient with vehicles". He further highlights the importance of materia to not only Yuffie herself, but hints at incorporating brand new material into the episode’s story and minigames.

Hamaguchi states “The new episode takes place at the same time that Cloud and company are continuing their fight in Midgar. The story follows Yuffie on her mission as a ninja operative - tasked with stealing valuable materia from Shinra”. Both directors point out that her wacky moogle hood outfit she wears originates from Dirge of Cerberus – Final Fantasy VII where she performs another covert mission.

FF7R EPISODE INTERmission will be available alongside Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade that is due for release on PS5 on June 10, 2021.

If you already own Final Fantasy VII Remake for the PS4 (physical or digital version) and own a PS5, you can download the free Final Fantasy VII Remake PS5 enhancement update. The PS Plus versions of Final Fantasy VII Remake is not included for the upgrade. This update also does not include the new Yuffie episode - you can purchase that separately.

Does Yuffie's tale interest you?

[SOURCE: square-enix-games.com, youtube.com]