Farcry 6 Gameplay Reveal

More of the same

After facing some delays during development, Ubisoft is now ready to show off the first glimpses of Farcry 6.

Players will step into the boots of Dani Rojas (who can be played either male or female, however 'canon' seems to be female) as she attempts to take down a brutal dictator in Yara, a fictional Caribbean island country. Perhaps the biggest draw card to Farcry 6 is the fact this dictator is played by Giancarlo Esposito, of Breaking Bad fame.

In terms of gameplay, it doesn't seem like Ubisoft is making any drastic changes to the Farcry formula. There is of course an arsenal of weapons at players disposal, including what looks to be some form of fuel-based backpack which can be altered into things like flamethrowers, jetpacks and ... missile launchers? Oh you'll also be able to tame a pet crocodile too.

Considering the decent gap since Farcry 5, it would have been nice to see Ubisoft take the franchise is a new direction and utilise next-gen hardware to it's fullest, but I guess if games continue to sell like they do, why bother?

Farcry 6 will launch on October 7 for PlayStation, Xbox & PC (on both old-gen and next-gen hardware).

[SOURCE www.youtube.com]