Facebook will begin to test ads inside their VR headsets

A bleak future for Oculus

Facebook Oculus Ads Trial
picture: time.com

The day many pundits predicted as arrived, as Facebook announces it will begin testing ads inside the Oculus VR headsets.

The company has said the move will bring "discoverability" to the platform, allowing developers to connect easier with their fans.

"The Oculus Store includes hundreds of games and apps, and we want to make sure everyone helping us make VR a reality has a chance to find and communicate with fans. For example, a developer who built one of your favorite games could run ads to make sure people can discover a new app or experience they launched" reads the press release.

Shooter game Blaston will be the first to have ads appear during usage.

With Facebook currently obtaining more than 97% of its overall revenue from advertisements, the placement of ads within Oculus has been a hot topic ever since the company acquired the tech in 2014.

We'll keep you updated as the trial progresses.

[SOURCE oculus.com]