Facebook VR ads backfires

Developer reverses decision

In game adverts backfire on Oculus VR

Resolution Games, the first developer to sign up to Facebook's plan to implement adverts into Oculus VR games, has changed course. Their shooter title Blaston had in-game adverts which played in users' VR headsets.

Gamers showed no mercy to the decision, calling the developer 'sell outs' and review bombed Blaston on Oculus's online store and PC's Steam.

Resolution Games tweeted the following:

"After listening to player feedback, we realize that Blaston isn’t the best fit for this type of advertising test. Therefore, we no longer plan to implement the test. We look forward to seeing you in the arena and hope you try the Crackdown Update that went live today!"

They [Resolution Games] later pinpoint Blaston not being the ideal game for advertising. Instead they will be re-trailing on an upcoming free game titled Bait!

[SOURCE: bbcnews.com, twitter.com]