Elements Trailer

Open world RPG made by one person

Developed, published and founded by one man (Devon), Wreckit Games will usher in a new upcoming indie game called Elements.

Elements is a beautiful, 3rd-person, open-world adventure game about two siblings fulfilling their destiny. Go in search of 8 elemental stones to uncover magic and mystery. And restore balance to the Elemental world and ours.


- The Elements world is yours to explore. Choose your path wisely.

- Ensure your mind is as sharp as your sword. You will encounter puzzles along the way.

- Many creatures you encounter are tameable and mountable. Have fun exploring!


- Collect resources and elemental fragments on your journey. Use them to craft gear, build, and enhance your magic abilities.

- Mix and match your gear, abilities, and elemental magic to customize your character and find the most powerful build.


- Build a homestead to store items, farm, or just relax by the fire. Use homesteads as fast travel points and customize them to make it feel like you are home.


- The Elemental stones will be protected by powerful guardians. When you are ready, challenge them for a chance at legendary Elemental gear.

- Melee, Magic, or Ranged combat gives you a choice on how you defeat your enemies.


- Play local split-screen co-op and go in search of the Elemental stones with family and friends.


- Join our discord community to share ideas and help shape the game. We want you to get lost in the game while searching for the stones.

Elements will release sometime in 2022 for Steam and Epic Games. What do you make of this new indie game?

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