Kickstarter Title Elementallis looks like a ton of fun

"A Zelda-like with elemental magic gameplay"

Reaching its funding goal in under 24 hours, Kickstarter game Elementallis has recently been making some waves through gaming circles.

The Zelda inspired title is being developed in Barcelona by a very small team of passionate developers.

Elementallis is described as "2D top-down adventure mimicking the style and feel of classic 2D Zelda games". Players will explore a sprawling world, conquer dungeons and attempt to restore the elements.


  • Prove your worth in the 8 dungeons, full of puzzles, secrets, enemies and bosses.

  • Use the Elements to fight, solve puzzles and uncover previously inaccessible areas in a metroidvania-esque style.

  • Discover the 8 different biomes and help its inhabitants.

  • Fight in real-time combat and defeat your foes using the Elements wisely to exploit their weaknesses.

  • Experience a story about growth and overcoming guilt. Via kickstarter.

After smashing their funding goals, the team has announced Elementallis will be coming to all major platforms in June 2022!

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