Dying Light 2 Official Gameplay Trailer

Are you ready for more zombie parkour?

Polish developer Techland are back with a brand-new trailer for their upcoming sequel to 2015's zombie parkour hit Dying Light 2.

Dyling Light 2 is set 15 years after a virus based apocalypse destroys the world as we know it, and hordes of zombies now rule the lands. Luckily your playable character has been trained in the art of parkour and can navigate through just about anywhere in the city with ease.

The near 8-minute gameplay trailer shows off a mix of the game's speedy parkour action and RPG aspects. Players will meet the NightRunners, fellow survivors who you seem to be teaming up with, along with details on how dangerous nighttime expeditions will lead to "loot jackpots".

Techland also highlight this time around they will be putting more focus on making sure melee attacks feel weighty and worthwhile, as well as a deeper player choice system.

Dying Light 2 releases on December 7 for PlayStation, Xbox & PC

[SOURCE youtube.com]