Discord leaves Microsoft acquisition discussion

The company looks to go public with an IPO

Discord Microsoft

Fresh reports out of The Wall Street Journal alleged that Discord has ended its acquisition discussions with Microsoft.

The news come after months of speculation that Microsoft was in talks to purchase the chat company for upwards of $10B USD.

Instead, sources close to The Wall Street Journal state that the company will most likely take the IPO route - publicly listing shares for potential investors to snap up. The company even hired its first CFO, Tomasz Marcinkowski, a former Pinterest Inc. executive in what is speculated as efforts to facilitate a future IPO.

Speaking to The Wall Street Journal in December 2020, Discord noted it had doubled its monthly user base from the previous year to roughly 140 million users.

It will be interesting to see which direction the dominate chat service takes in the following months, especially if investments firms buy heavily into the IPO and start asking for new monetisation methods.

[SOURCE www.wsj.com]