Disco Elysium hits Australian PSN store today

Unbanned and ready to ship

Disco Elysium hits Australian PSN store today

After originally being banned in Australia, and then unbanned 2 months later, the award-winning RPG Disco Elysium is now available on the Australian PSN Store.

The title will set you back $59.95, with sadly no launch discount for PS Plus subscribers.

It is worth noting that upon launching on PS5 overseas, the title was plagued with many bugs and poor performance issues. It does seem however that the bulk of these issues have been addressed, with patch 1.5 dropping this past Saturday (the titles third patch in less than a week).

Hopefully the banning/unbanning fiasco of Disco Elysium has opened the eyes of the Australian Classification Review Board, so moving forward common sense can prevail more often than not.

It seems Sony paid for a timed exclusivity deal, and an Xbox launch for the game will arrive sometime later this year.