Deviation Games to create brand new IP for PlayStation

Led by ex Call of Duty: Black Ops developers

Former Call of Duty developers creating new IP for Sony

Deviation Games was founded by CEO Dave Anthony and director Jason Blundell, are partnering up with Sony for a new original IP.

Both men have tenured experience with the Call of Duty franchise, working on series titles such as World at War and Black Ops.

CEO Dave Anthony has confirmed over 100 staff have been hired at the studio stating "As for today, I'm here to say: keep an eye on us - we've brought on amazing talent from around the world, we're over 100 Deviators and growing fast, and we have an incredible partner behind us in SIE."

No word on what the IP is, but it will draw from Deviation founders decades long experiences in game development.

Any guesses or genres you all want to see from the former COD devs?