Details on the rumoured Uncharted game revealed

A remake was pitched to Sony as well as a new game developed by Bend Studio

Long rumoured Uncharted game was believed to be a spin-off, instead latest details reveal it was a remake of the original game.

UPDATE: The sub-headline was originally written: A remake was planned by Sony, that would have been developed by Bend Studio. It can still be seen on our Instagram post. This article's sub-headline has been corrected.

There has been rumours surrounding a new Uncharted game being developed at Sony’s San Diego-based Visual Arts Service Group for the past three years. Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier, denies that ever was the case, instead they were working on a remake of The Last of Us. He tweeted “the team struggled to find support from the outset”.

In his latest news article on Sony, Schreier notes the San Diego studio pitched a remake of the first game in the series, Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune. Due to additional design work and costs involved, it was scrapped and a decision was made to remake 2013’s The Last of Us. Had they completed The Last of Us remake, it would have laid the financial groundwork to revisit the first Uncharted game.

Schreier reports that a new Uncharted entry was actually pitched by Sony to a team from Bend Studio after their ill-fated attempt at a Days Gone sequel. As we mentioned in our earlier article, the decision to scrap the Days Gone sequel in addition to being assigned to the Uncharted game, led many of Bend's staff to leave in protest. Further concerns arose when Naughty Dog would be supervising them, that led to fears they would be absorbed into Naughty Dog itself. Opting out of the project, Bend is now working on a new IP of their own.

Currently it is unknown if Naughty Dog will continue the Uncharted series in the form of a new sequel, spin-off, remake or reboot. There is a new movie coming out, starring Tom Holland as a younger version of Nathan Drake.

What are all your thoughts on the idea of remaking Uncharted: Drake Fortune?