Deathloop explained

Arkane Studios shares combat, exploration and PS5 features

Deathloop explained

After being delayed in April due to Covid, Arkane Studios upcoming time-bending FPS Deathloop is back in the spotlight, with details to share.

Taking to the PlayStation Blog, SIE employee Gillen McAllister has written in length about what players can expect on when the title launches on September 14th.

McAllister has described an open style sandbox that allows complete control over how to tackle objectives, with more than one-styled approach recommended for many of the situations the game will throw at players. If you've ever played a Dishonoured game, expect to notice some similarities.

Where Deathloop stands out however is in its unique approach to time, as McAllister notes "that while the game day doesn’t play out in real time, there are four distinct time periods across the 24-hour day. There are different stories and activities playing out in each district for every time period, while what areas you can access and your routes through them can alter. The location of your targets, the Visionaries, also vary depending on the time of day you visit."

We suggest reading the entire piece if you're interested.

Deathloop launches September 14th on PlayStation, Xbox & PC.