Deathloop delayed until September 14

Arkane Studios states Covid-19 as the cause

Deathloop Delayed

Originally set for release in just over two weeks on May 21, the upcoming time-bending FPS from Arkane Studios has been delayed until September 14. Providing the above statement on Twitter, the studio intends to use the extra time to accomplish their ambitions for the game while ensuring the health and safety of employees. It does seem a little odd to delay for this reason less than 13 days out, however it's difficult to argue that the heath of the employees at Arkane shouldn't take precedence.

Deathloop could potentially be one of the final Bethesda published games that reaches Sony's PS4 and PS5, with Microsoft's acquisition of the publisher secured. How do you feel about this delay, are you planning on picking up Deathloop on its new September release date? Just us know in the comments below.