Days Gone 2 will not see the light of day

Bend Studio struggles to find its place within Sony

Days Gone 2 Sequel Cancelled

New reports out of industry insider Jason Schreier has lifted the lid on the inner workings of Days Gone developer Bend Studio, as well as revealed some surprising insights about the development practices at some of Sony's blockbuster studios.

Perhaps the most surprising news to come out of the report is that Oregon-based Bend Studio has been told that a sequel to their 2019 zombie action adventure hit Days Gone will not be giving the green light. According to those familiar, Sony stated that although the title was financially successful, its development had been too lengthy and critical reception wasn't exactly what they had hoped for. Instead, teams at Bend where shifted around Sony's portfolio of studios to help out on other projects, including The Last of Us 2. This move left a sour taste in many of Bend's developers, and subsequently many of them departed - including long time writer and Days Gone game director John Garvin - which hasn't been the only recent game director departure. Thankfully, it seems Sony finally noticed the unrest it has caused, and has since granted Bend funding to develop a new title that will be part of an entirely new franchise.

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