Dawn of the Monsters Official Announcement

Kaiju brawler

Dawn of the Monsters new Kaiju brawler

If you loved King Kong vs Godzilla, then you’ll get the opportunity to play as a Kaiju (Japanese for strange, giant monster) in this new monster fighting game - Dawn of the Monsters. This co-op brawler lets you select from four playable Kaiju: Aegis Prime, Ganira, Megadon and Tempest Galahad. All these characters have unique Cataclysm attacks, Brutal Rage attacks and finishing moves.

Set in New Toronto, the game will offer 35 missions featuring plenty of enemy types to battle with the option of bringing your friend into co-op. You can also customise your Kaiju.

Developed by 13AM Games and published by WayForward, Dawn of the Monsters has a release window for the first half of 2022 for PS4/5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch and PC.

Trailer below:

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