Cross-play is coming to Overwatch

PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Switch all included

New Game Director Aaron Keller has shared some good news for Overwatch fans today, as Blizzard announces cross-play will be coming to the game in the next update.

Players across all major platforms will now be able to seamlessly pair up with one another, however some precautions are being set for the game's competitive mode. In competitive play, a party of console only players will be strictly paired up against another party of console only players, and the same for PC vs PC (i.e. console players won't have to compete against PC players in competitive play).

For non-competitive game modes, these restrictions will be lifted - meaning you could play on PC with your friend over on a Nintendo Switch.

Unfortunately cross-progression (skins, levels, in-game unlocks etc) will not be available at launch, however Keller notes the team is working hard to bring this in a later update.

This is certainly a welcome addition to Overwatch, and hopefully something to pump players up after the recent departure of longtime lead developer Jeff Kaplan.

You can watch the full developer update below, and read more about Overwatch cross-play here.