Crash 4 developer Toys for Bob now assigned to support COD: Warzone

What is the future of the bandicoot?

Crash 4 developers working on COD: Warzone, leaving future of series in question.

Recent news has emerged regarding Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time and Spyro: Reignited Trilogy developer Toys for Bob being delegated to support development on Call of Duty Warzone: Season 3. Not only that, but on Twitter it was revealed by several former Toys for Bob employees who were not assigned to work on Warzone: Season 3 had been laid off.

An Activision spokesperson has told Game Rader that "Toys for Bob remains the lead developer on Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time and is dedicated to delivering engaging game play experiences for fans now and in the future.”

If we analyse the statement carefully, Activision makes mention of only Crash 4 and considering it is a single player game, it may just entail of bug fixes. One source believed a Crash 4 PvP multiplayer was in development, but since a portion of the Toys for Bob team has joined COD: Warzone development while others were sacked, it may not bode well for Crash Bandicoot’s future.

It is not known what the total sales tally is for Crash 4, but rumours are floating around it may not have performed well. We understand it debuted in the top ten sales in many countries such as Australia, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Japan and France. Normally when a game does well, a press announcement from its publisher and/or developer on its performance is usually revealed, but with Crash 4 it remains silent.

VGC news journalist, Andy Robinson tweeted: “I was recently told that virtually every studio at Activision is now working on Call of Duty”. COD: Warzone reached 100 million players recently and Activision’s aim is for the battle royale to become the biggest in the industry. This type of game requires massive amounts of manpower to work on it, hence why Toys for Bob is now apart of it.

Do you believe Crash Bandicoot’s future is going to be in limbo once again?