Children of Morta Family Trials DLC

The narrative rougelite welcomes a 'Horde' mode

Brilliant rougelite adventure Children of Morta is back with its 2nd major DLC - Family Trials. Taking a much different approach than it's first DLC - Paws and Claws - Family Trials boasts a brand new 'Horde' game mode, which will see players face off against unrelenting waves of enemies and boss fights.

For those unfamiliar with the title, Children of Morta is a narrative based rougelite that sees players take on the roles of the 7 members of the Bergson family, each equipped with vastly different abilities and subsequent play styles. Members include a child mage, an uncle warrior and a teen rouge, to name a few. Throughout the game players unlock key story moments, often introducing these new members in meaningful ways, or presenting key narrative beats that push the engaging story along.

This new DLC - which is free and out now on all platforms - looks to lean further into the rougelite elements of the game, giving players full access to every character's abilities from the start. Players will need to experiment to find the best build combinations that work for their play style in an attempt to push further and further into the dungeon's depths. Continuing the theme of the base game, there are also both main objectives and optional side quests for players to tackle throughout Horde mode.

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