Chernobylite Release Announcement Trailer

Have your Rad-X ready

Get ready to survive in the video game recreation of Ukraine’s Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. Chernobylite is a new survival horror game that was crowdfunded by Kickstarter backers. Beginning in October 2019, early access beta was available to fans on Steam and

Polish developer The Farm 51 describes this game as being “an RPG survival horror mixing the free exploration of its disturbing locations with challenging combat, unique crafting, and non-linear science-fiction story. Build your team, survive and reveal the twisted secrets of Chernobyl in the 3D-scanned recreation of the real Exclusion Zone”.

The full game will be released on July 2021 (though no exact date), and will be available on PC, PS4/5, Xbox Series X and Xbox One.

Gonna fight some ‘Stalkers’ when the game comes out in July?