Blizzard veterans start Uncapped Games

New RTS studio supported by Tencent

Uncapped Games established by former Blizzard staff

The newly formed studio Uncapped Games comprises of former Blizzard developers; David Kim, Zhongshan Zhang and Jason Hughes.

Longing to create another PC RTS (Real Time Strategy) game, David Kim reveals in an interview with he had been approaching various game studios to realise his dream. Kim would eventually strike gold as his meeting with the senior management of Tencent subsidiary Lightspeed & Quantam Studios successfully helped him establish Uncapped Games with the aforementioned former Blizzard staff.

Wanting to modernised the RTS genre Kim states "RTS has been in this place where a lot of the very basic and core fundamental things in the game have not yet been modernized, so it's very difficult to play an RTS.” He adds "You need hundreds of actions per minute to play a competitive RTS game.

Kim goes further into detail elaborating:

"So what we want to do is modernize a lot of it, and make it so any gamer can play this game. And to play at a competitive level, you don't need to practice the mechanics of it for a decade; you have to be good at the strategy, or countering what you're seeing on the enemy's side. We wanted to make a real strategy game rather than one where who can click the fastest is the best player."

Uncapped is aiming to build a version of this RTS game as soon as possible for the community, so feedback can be provided.